MHG’s Easy Return Policy:

MHG’s main motto and sole purpose is to deliver fresh and quality products in a condition that satisfies the requirements and expectations of our customers. Under any unfortunate circumstances where the product is damaged or not in the required form, we accept returns of the same with the money refunded to the customer’s previous mode of payment or to theirMHG Wallet. That’s it, no questions asked!

Instructions for Easy Return Policy:
  • Return are accepted immediately after the product is delivered, checked for damage or replacement, and is then given back to the same delivery executive for replacement.
  • Any damaged Perishable items needs to be updated to MHG team for replacement/refund within 24hrs from the time of delivery
  • Non-Perishable items are to be returned within 4 days from the date of delivery.
  • If the returned items are below the sum of $10, then the refund will be credited to your MHG wallet which can be used towards your next purchase. Used, damaged, or opened products or cooked food with improper packaging are excluded from returns.
  • Exception: Only in the case of manufacturing defects that are found after delivery canbe returned on request.